Make These Latest Scentsmith Perfumery Products Part Of Your Routine

Whether you are in the comforts of your home or you are out traveling, fragrances improve your mood and the ambiance of the space you are dwelling in. Homes and offices become easier to stay in, especially when you can get a whiff of your favorite scent. Scentsmith Perfumery is committed to crafting fragrances to suit your everyday needs. From Eau de Parfum to skincare to hair and body products, the local brand uses natural ingredients from plant extracts.

Check out four of their latest products below and make sure to use these as part of your everyday routine.

Bespoke soothing and invigorating fragrances

3 Scentsmith Perfumery hand wash and body wash bottles
Hand Wash in Lavander Moss and Body Wash in Lavander Tonka and Orange Bergamot.

Hand Wash in Lavander Moss moisturizes the hand while removing dirt through its anti-bacterial properties. The lovely scent leaves your skin pampered and refreshed.

Scentsmith Perfumery various perfume bottles
Scentsmith Perfumery Eau de Parfum bottles.

301 Eau de Parfum in Citrus Vetiver is a gender-neutral fragrance. Vetiver is a tropical grass from India and its extract evokes a woody-earthiness scent. It commonly appeals to men but the citrus notes of the 301 perfume tones down the masculine effect and makes it enticing for women as well.



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