A guide to finding your Scentsmith Signature scent

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A guide to finding your Scentsmith Signature scent

Finding your signature scent is an important choice when considering your day-to-day ensemble. A fragrance complements your personality and can act as your personal trademark, and brings back memories.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of perfumes you can choose from. There are fragrances that smell woody, musky, earthy, oriental, sweet and fruity. The combinations are diverse and abundant.

While we recommend that you sample the fragrances and see how they react with your individual body chemistry before choosing your signature fragrance, this is a great place to start.

How to pick a scent

1) Consider the season

Just as summer smells of fresh cut grass and grapefruit, and winter smells of cinnamon and evergreen, your scent may vary from season to season. Scents last longer in warmer months than they do in cooler months because skin is usually more dehydrated, and moisture will hold the fragrance. Wear lighter scents in warmer months, and heavier ones during the winter.

2) Identify the notes 

Scentsmith combinations of the different scent notes that conjure unique, transcendent aromas.

For your reference this is what each scent reminds us of:

This type of scent is perfect for nature lovers or people who prefer the outdoors. These scents are usually earthy, often reminiscent of natural environments. Many times these fragrances will have a touch of citrus, which gives it an aromatic and bold scent.

These scents are ideal for individuals that are either feminine, romantic, or enjoy the smell of traditional scents. Floral perfumes are some of the most widely sold perfumes in the world. They are well suited for women that love to strut in heels or glam up with some make up. 

These fragrances are exotic and used typically for the bold and adventurous. Many who prefer these scents have a unique flare to their personality and sensuality. They are comfortable with standing out and a good oriental scent will help them accomplish that. Oriental scents often include ingredients such as vanilla, exotic flowers, cinnamon, and clove.

Fruity perfumes are for women that enjoy the fragrance of fruit. They also like scents that are citrusy, fresh, spicy. Women that enjoy these scents are young, enthusiastic, and full of energy. These fragrances often contain ingredients such as berries, apples, and oranges. 


3) Let it linger

Scents smell different on paper or on your skin. Allow the perfumer to open up, then go about your day and see how the scent evolves with your skin over time. It's not also crazy to think to have a scent for specific occasions or outfits. Your scents can be as diverse as you are!

Do you have a signature scent? And if so, how did you know it was ‘the one’? If you don’t have ‘the one’ yet we’ll find the fragrance for you. In Scentsmith Perfumery, we make alchemy possible.


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