A Personal Scent

For P1,200, Scentsmith lets you choose a pre-blended eau de parfum and have the bottle stamped with your name.  BWORLDONLINE.COM  

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A Personal Scent

THE SENSE of smell awakens something primal in many of us. While smelling something might bring back memories of an elevated, cherished status, it’s a different story during social interactions. Humans are still animals, and through scent, we pick up on cues the same way animals do: through scent, we pick up on a person’s health, values (I mean, does this person take the time for grooming? Does that person respect me enough to take a shower before meeting me?), and, like it or not, social status.

Seeing how personal scent could be, and the hundreds of things a single whiff can reveal, a company allows you to put your own personal stamp on your scent, quite literally.

In Greenbelt 5’s Scentsmith, for a fee of about P1,200, one can fill up a 100 ml bottle from a line of pre-blended eau de parfum (that’s 20% fragrance), watch it blended through a window, and then have it stamped with your name. While the service is available through several other international perfumers like Le Labo in France, those won’t cost P1,200. According to Scentsmith Brand Manager and Managing Partner Kristine Torres, while the temptation for a customer to mix their own perfume is appealing, it is not a service they offer. They rely instead on their overseas perfumer, and more adventurous customers can opt to layer the scents instead........


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