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Developed to create an extraordinary scent experience to any home. The rich scent and glass design brings a wonderful ambience to any room.


LA POUDRE - a scent crafted to bring thoughts of a soft breeze on a sunny day with notes of powder, rose, and musk, creating a nostalgic sense of timelessness and comfort.

BLACK RHUBARB - the tangy smell of freshly pickled black currant and green leaves with rose and rhubarb accents. Fruity with subtle muskiness and sweetness.

COTTON JASMINE - PEOPLE’S FAVORITE SCENT; new, fresh and cosmetic vibe with jasmine scent that will give you a pleasant smell to conjure up memories.

ORANGE SAFFRON - looking for an aroma candle scent to help you brighten your mood and increase concentration? This scent comes with a powerful citrus scents of lemon, orange and black currant.

VANILLA COCONUT - with its touch of vanilla sandalwood and cream coconut, you'll definitely get the warmth of a sweet scent for soothing and comforting experience.

IL GIARDINO - without getting to be overwhelming sweetness, here's Il Giardino scent with a notes of citrus, lily of valley and jasmine, and subtle mix of balanced scents for delicated and peaceful vibe.

TANGERINE TONKA - achieve that desirable ambience and atmosphere with Tangerine Tonka's citrus, oriental and spicy pop up - here's to be wanted to feel mysterious.

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