What is S C E N T S M I T H?
Scentsmith is a local perfumery store founded in 2017 in Manila, Philippines.

Who is S C E N T S M I T H?
Behind Scentsmith is a group of people passionate about establishing the positive effects of aromas on human behavior, including feelings and emotions; promoting physical and psychological well-being; by transmitting odor through a variety of specific feelings, such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness, and achievement.

Why S C E N T S M I T H?
S C E N T S M I T H takes inspiration from the craftsmanship that comes into “smithing.” When something is called the work of a smith, it is understood that it was created by an artisan. This is the same message that S C E N T S M I T H carries—every Scentsmith product is formulated with art and passion.

Are you cruelty free? 
Our research and development team have carefully sourced out alternative cosmetic ingredients based on natural raw materials. Our formulation is chemical-free with proven record of safety and efficacy based on Inter- national guidelines and standards. Our products are free from paraben, SLES,  phthalate, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin and DEA. Definitely cruelty free.
What sets S C E N T S M I T H apart from other perfumeries?
S C E N T S M I T H offers on-the-spot blending, compounding, and packaging for Eau de Parfum. Once one has selected their scent, Scentsmith proceeds to hand-blend the bottle and personalize it.

Which scents are popular among your patrons, and why?
For Men, the woody scents of 204 Saffron Oud and 203 Lavandin & Sandalwood are favorites. While, the mix of fresh, floral and woody scents of 104 White Magnolia and 101 Bergamot Patchouli are popular among women patrons.

Which scents do you recommend for men and women?
Scents 201 Pink Pepper Leather and 204 Saffron Oud are popular among men, and 101 Bergamot Patchouli and 104 White Magnolia for women. However, it is important to note that fragrances will vary due to different body chemistry and other factors such as occasion where it was worn, as well as the season and weather also play big roles when choosing the right scent.

How much fragrance concentration does your Eau de Parfum have?
Our eau de parfum (EDP) has a 20% fragrance concentration. On average, it lasts for seven to eight hours. While it does have a higher concentration of alcohol than parfum, it is better for sensitive skin than other fragrance types.

What do you offer?
Scentsmith Perfumery offers a wide selection of uniquely crafted scents, naturally and freshly formulated to suit your everyday needs. From Eau de Parfum to skincare, hair care, home care and body care products.
​Fragrance – Eau de Parfum (Women/Men/Unisex)
Body– Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Oil, Hand Cream and Hand Wash
Hair – Shampoo, Conditioner
Home – Aroma Mist, Aroma Diffuser, Aroma Candle, Loo Drops, Humidifier Machine

What are the unisex scents?
S C E N T S M I T H also offers a selection of gender-neutral fragrances. It simply focuses on great quality ingredients that each tells their own fragrant tale and speaks to them in a personal way. Scents are not too sweet or musky. These are 301 Citrus Vetiver, 302 Pepper Guaiacwood, 303 Ambrette Sea Salt, 304 Lavander Nectarine, and 305 Lavender Tonka, 306 Orange Jasmine, 307 Pine Vanilla, 308 Juniper Berry Fir and 309 Wheat Grapefruit. Fragrance for all and fragrance for everyone. 

What’s a common perfume misconception that you wish to correct, to help people better appreciate scents?
One common misconception is that quality perfume has to be expensive. The price of a certain fragrance is usually dictated by supply and demand. But quality perfume is possible at the right price if crafted cost-efficiently, like as S C E N T S M I T H does it.